The Night of 1000 Dylans

May 21



The Polkats’ John Shock,

The Thorn Apples’ James Von Lenz,

The Kings of Crownsville’s David Vermette,

The Cryin’ Fridays’ Christina Van Norman,

The Philosopher Dogs’ Georgie Jessup

and the Pills’ Randy Austin,

perform the songs of Bob Dylan

in a benefit concert with your singing host Geoffrey Himes

at An Die Musik Live

Saturday, May 21, at 8 pm

$13 in advance, $16 at door

409 Charles Street, (410) 385-2638

All profits benefit the Roots Café and An Die Musik Live
More info: or


Bob Dylan reinvented American songwriting by combining hillbilly folk music, African-America blues and Beat poetry, and Baltimore’s best singer-songwriters continue to reinvent music in similar ways. For the seventh annual “Night of 1000 Dylans," John Shock, James Von Lenz, David Vermette, Christina Van Norman, Georgie Jessup, Randy Austin and Geoffrey Himes will celebrate Dylan’s 75th birthday (actually May 24) with an evening of his compositions—both familiar and obscure—performed in the always-surprising ways of Baltimore musicians.








John Shock has been singing and playing piano and accordion for the Polkats and the Stone Hill Allstars for over 25 years. As a pianist, he draws from the blues and jazz sophistication of artists such as Bob Dorough and Tom Waits. As an accordionist, he draws from the Cajun music of Louisiana, the conjunto music of Texas and the polka music of Chicago. For this show Shock will be joined by bassist David Vermette, the rhythmic anchor and arranging wizard of Maryland’s Kings of Crownsville.





Whether performing as a solo artist or as a principal singer-songwriter in the much-loved Baltimore bands Voodoo Pharmacology and the Thorn Apples, James Von Lenz combines old, creepy Appalachian music, off kilter honky-tonk, murder ballads, yodeling, and down-and-out blues stomps. He claims his songs “have been filtered through ten feet of sugar maple charcoal, which imparts a distinct smoothness to the music.”




Washington native Christina Van Norman has been playing her guitar and singing around the Baltimore-Washington area for over twenty years now. She has played with numerous bands including the Beltway Bandits, Edge City, Billy Kemp and the Paradise Rockers, Anonymous Bosh, as well as with her current band Cryin' Fridays.Christina enjoys writing songs about the rain, her dogs, love, conspiracy, and the miserable state of the world.





Georgie Jessup’s songwriting is influenced by everything from old school country to Memphis R&B, placing her music firmly in the “cosmic” Americana Music genre. Her lyrics reflect her outspoken advocacy for animal rights, Native American issues, transgender rights and environmental sanity. The subject of an award winning documentary film, “Woman in A Man’s Suit,” Georgie also has four, well received, CDs available. “Georgie sings from the heart, like a rare flower in a wilderness,” says blues diva Candye Kane. “She speaks to us about the deepest issues. Issues that all of us should care about, but so many of us pretend don’t affect us.”




Randolph K.’ “Randy” Austin Jr. has picked and slid through a bewildering (to

himself and to others) variety of bands, shows, and other musical contexts over the

years, first in the D.C. area and more recently Baltimore, where he resides with his

wife Elizabeth and their son Lukas. He has played with everyone from the indie-rock band the Pills to the praise band at the Govans Presbyterian Church. The music of Bob Dylan is close to the heart of this native Midwesterner. “The second album I ever bought,” he says, “was ‘Bringing It All Back Home.’”






Though he is best known as a music critic for the Washington Post, Baltimore City Paper, Nashville Scene, Jazz Times, No Depression, Paste and others, Geoffrey Himes is also a longtime singer-songwriter who has co-written songs with Fred Koller, Si Kahn, Jon Tiven, Walter Egan, Sonia Rutstein, Billy Kemp, Stephen Wade, Jim Patton, Ed Pettersen, Howard Markman, Paul Margolis, Josh Charles, Andrew Grimm, Randy Austin, Bob Kannenberg and others. He hosts the monthly Roots Café Singer-Songwriter Series at An Die Musik.



An Die Musik is Baltimore’s finest listening room. With 84 armchairs, great acoustics, the city’s best piano and a lobby bar, this performance space above the venerable record store is as intimate as it is inviting. Here, at last, is a music experience designed for adults.





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